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It Ain't Kodachrome and It Isn't Black or White
8.29.2002 - 2:33 PM | permalink

Help... I am stuck on a color scheme for my basement. Your help is wanted and appreciated. I have black leather furniture, modern glass organic shaped coffee table with black legs, grey carpet. TV shelving unit is black with silver brushed metal handle accents. End table same color as the coffee table... has a brushed metal lamp on it. So... what color/colors should the wall be eh?
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You're Sick
8.27.2002 - 2:34 PM | permalink

Don't ask me why, but this amused me today. I know, I'm sick but nature's irony strikes me as downright kooky sometimes...

Grizzly mauls animal rights activist
West Yellowstone, Mont. - A 38-year-old man was in fair condition Monday after a grizzly bear attacked a group of animal rights activists hiking eight miles northwest of here. The victim, who was not identified, and three other members of Buffalo Field Campaign surprised a grizzly sow and two cubs Sunday afternoon. Clarke Ball, who was behind the other hikers, said he found his companion bleeding from his face and legs. "He got his face mangled," said Ball. "He had two puncture wounds on his knee and two on his right-hand side below the kidney." The hikers were part of a group of activists who annually monitor and occasionally disrupt Montana's efforts to keep bison from entering the state from nearby Yellowstone National Park.
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Monday's Random Thoughts...
8.26.2002 - 2:34 PM | permalink

Ok, I am going to pull a Larry King here but there are a few things on my mind. Besides, I need to live up to my reputation. My buddy Mike in linking to my site said, "Personal website of my best friend John, also known as the King of Computer Problems. This guy can't get a break. He's a major Disney net with a sweet domain and lots of complaining."

One - Riding on the Metro (Washington Subway) listening to your new IPOD at audible levels to other passengers with a black t-shirt that says "MAC Geek" doesn't make you a MAC Geek. It only makes you an asshole.

Two - Kudos to the city of Frederick, Maryland currently under Level 2 Drought Conditions. Apparently, there was a broken water main this weekend, which a resident of the city phoned in at 11am. The city came out at 4:30 to fix it. Meanwhile, the city has been threatening that we are 45 days from running out of water and is looking into trucking in water from the Potomac and is about to completely drain it's reservoirs! Brilliant! By the way, it might actually help if the BONEHEADS in charge of Frederick Maryland homepage actually had current information on the drought for homeowners who want to actually follow the restrictions. It was last updated April 2002 while the question/answer page was last updated June 21, 2002.

Three - Don't put the soup of the day up on the menu if there is no soup. And then, don't tell me that it's too hot for soup anyway. It's never too hot for soup.
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Dev & Stink & Style
8.23.2002 - 2:35 PM | permalink

Dev: Well, you can't tell by looking at it but I just converted this site to use includes from top to bottom. It's the time saving invention that will allow me to do mass changes in the future effortlessly. It's also more practice for what needs to be done with my website hopefully as early as this weekend. It's a little more work in the beginning but it pays off in the end. Next on my list is to master style sheets so I never have to format text again.

Stink: Urban Planning Note Of The Day.... when you are building a metro station, please think enough to not put it right next to the county dump. Did any one of the brainiacs think that 100 degrees + stagnant air + tons of rotting garbage + waiting on a metro platform might = stink of incomprehensible proportions when the wind blows the wrong way?

Style: Late afternoon update here... I think I may have pretty much mastered style sheets and it's about GD time. This page is now style sheet controlled thanks to a little help and understanding from my good buddy Mike Tickle. In short, as Mike said...

This will have the poop style assigned to it.

That helped a lot! Question is if the way I did things to appease FrontPage will show up correctly in Netscape. We shall see and I will report back later.

Ok, report back... I checked and it was messing things up... so I reordered the tags and wellah, it seems to be ok with it.
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Vacation Blues
8.22.2002 - 2:36 PM | permalink

So, I am back from vacation. While nothing bad happened to the server while I was gone (I don't think I got more than one page which later corrected itself), it wasn't the vacation I was hoping for. To put it bluntly, my wife wasn't excited about the prospect of going to Disney in the middle of summer due to the crowds and leaving our dog in the kennel for the third time this year... even though we humans were lucky enough to actually go on three vacations. So, her disappointment tainted most of our time away. While she tried to hide her feelings, they surfaced half way thru the trip. From that moment on, I just wanted to come home. It's tough being unhappy while you are in the happiest place on earth (or it's clone... I think Walt Disney World is the most magical place on earth) but you get the idea. Life goes on.

My home computer is getting back to normal. Now I just have to figure out how to run hardware RAID on the system. I think I need to change a jumper on the motherboard. A buddy of mine who had duplicates of many of the music files I lost was kind enough to copy the contents of his hard drive to one of the new ones I sent him... so the bottom line is that I didn't loose a whole lot when the drive crashed.

I've got a lot of work ahead of me both at work and at the home office over the coming weeks. Among the projects, a redesign of my work website, a redesign of my website, a revision of a lot of the content on my website, new advertising proposals, beginnings of work on the official book, a new rev of the discussion boards coming out, painting of my house interior and a whole lot more. Too much to list here. Add to that the fact that school starts for the kids on Monday and soccer for both kids is just beginning. Oh, and a $9,000 web development project proposal is sitting out there that could come through at any point. I should be pretty booked.
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Curse You Maxtor!
8.09.2002 - 2:36 PM | permalink

It began a few weeks ago. Things didn't quite seem right on my home computer. I suspected that my d: drive might be heading into the dumper. So, I set out to find a new hard drive and by coincidence, BEST BUY had them on sale. An 80GB Maxtor for $95. Pretty good deal I thought... so off I went for the store. Got there and realized they were sold out (of course) and wiped out as well of most other large size drives. So, back home I trekked empty handed. Apparently, that was the wrong course of action.

Two weeks later as I grabbed my cup of coffee, read my morning email and started for the door, I had a hard time opening the d: drive. I thought maybe some software I had installed was the culprit and decided to wait till I got home to deal with it. Again, a misstep.

At work, as I PCAnywhere'd into my home computer, the troubles continued. It was then I decided the drive was definitely dying. I tried desperately over PCAW to copy files off the d: drive but it kept failing and rebooting the computer.

I told my boss at work what was going on and made a beeline for the door. When I got home, the prognosis was not good. I tried time and time again to get into my data on the drive and copy it off. After 4 hours of trying, I gave up. The drive was pronounced dead at 8:23pm Thursday.

The sadness then set in. Over 2 years worth of downloaded MP3 files were history. Luckily, other files that were on the drive were actually backed up including a good many business files and my wife's embroidery business files.

Worse than anything else was the realization that this now brought to a total of three f**king dead Maxtor hard drives in 2 years. That was the last straw. I will never buy a Maxtor drive again. So, a Western Digital 100GB drive now installed and will soon be in RAID configuration with a second 100GB WD Drive.

By the way, all the content from the former server... gone. Toast. Done. I even went to the Internet's Way Back Machine to see if there was an archive but unfortunately, the answer was no.

Please join me in a moment of silence for my drive, it's music and this former site.
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