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You Want To Protest?
3.27.2003 - 9:54 AM | permalink

So you want to be a protester of the war? Fine. As radio god Glenn
Beck said, there isn't much more patriotic thing to do than protest...
Think the boston tea party. I will respect your right to do so, as long
as you show some decency for your fellow human beings on this big blue
marble. In doing that, educate youselves. Fill your brain with the
thoughts on both side of the issue. That way, you can engage your brain
before you open your mouth. More importantly, STOP MESSING WITH
COMMUTERS. Jane and John Doe are just poor hard working slobs trying to
make a living and get home to their famalies and kids as soon as
possible. This clogging of the streets, blocking of bridges and
generally disrupting the flow of average people isn't going to win you
support... It's just going to piss the rest of us off.
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3.25.2003 - 10:36 AM | permalink

Ok, Gary O'Brien tells me that the Blogger code at now is working with the T-Mobile Sidekick which is a good thing. A few weeks ago when we were going to use blogger to post updates to the website, we couldn't get the damn thing to work. So... we'll give this a shot. The best chance for me updating Astralbase is doing it on the subway on my way in or out of the city and blogger would work for that since frontpage or ftp capability isn't possible from my Sidekick. We'll see how this goes.

Quote For The Day: Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don't interfere as long as the policy you've decided on is being carried out. -- Ronald Regan

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