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Ain't No Cure For The Summertime Blues
7.24.2003 - 11:16 AM | permalink

Wow... where the hell has all the time gone? It's been quite a while and for some reason, I felt the urge to write today. What's been going on over the past few months you ask? Well, put bluntly, LIVING. I have spent a lot less time in front of the puter and instead, done more interesting things such as... going to professional, minor league and little league baseball games, vacationing in Disney World and Hilton Head, enjoying my new deck, around the house work, visiting the new swimming pool next to my house and more. That's not to say I am totally unplugged because I still have my T-Mobile Sidekick, but I have definitely been less connected. Work has been busy and I have chaired the pool and rec committee for our community which further drains away my free time.

Other fun things...

The WorkCam is back on again. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Those of you who have occasionally read things here know my troubles with hard drives. Well, they struck again. I lost a hard drive and for the first time, I lost a fair amount of data with it. You would think I would be more careful by now.... but I wasn't. So, I finally went out and bought a raid card and am running a total of four drives now in Mirrored RAID configuration. If one fails, the other will still be there. Curse you computers.

I recently realized that I am coming up on my 5 year anniversary working for the worlds largest engineering professional association. The odd factoid here is that 5 years will set a record for me. It is the longest I have ever stayed one place since graduating college. I feel like I have accomplished something here... though I am not sure what.
By the way, I was in the news again today.

Finally, Poo-tinky. Ok, I have touched on this before but.... I just gotta go there again. It's currently 83 degrees in the capitol of the free world with a gusty breeze blowing from the northwest and for a summertime day, that's not such a bad thing... Unless, you are on the Metro Platform waiting for a train. Somewhere in their cosmic genius, the planners of the end of the line Metro stop decided it would be a good idea to place it right next to the county dump. So, when the breeze gets going like it did today and it's warm enough... poo-tinky. For reference, you know how you might have a couple of trash cans in your garage, and you forget to take them out to the curb for about a week. Then the following week comes, and you have to add something to one of them before taking it out. You lift the lid and get a whiff of rotting porkchops and assorted meats, decaying lettuce and legumes, mixed in with the smell of empty beer bottles and rootbeer? Well, multiply that stink by ten, and you'll get an idea of what it smelled like while I was waiting for the train this morning.

Oh, one last thing.... the new Spocks Beard album less Neal Morse is very lacking. Guys, what the hell were you thinking. You should have gone out and found yourself a new front man with personality like Marillion did when fish left. I'm almost wishing Neal would come out with an I love god album just so I can hear his musical talents again. Ok, strike that last remark.
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