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Undocumented Fix and Other Crapola
8.11.2003 - 10:31 AM | permalink

For those of you who use Microsoft FrontPage, you may notice that using the edit button in Internet Explorer is a great way to bring up pages you want to fix. Someone mails you a URL you need to adjust, you browse to it, hit the edit button and like magic, you get prompted to log into the FrontPage web and you are off editing! But what happens when the button gets grayed out? I used to think the only way to fix this was a system rollback or a format. And as many of you know, I tend to get very annoyed at things that don't function as they should. Well recently, I came across the cause of this problem, and it's not what you might think. Internet Explorer apparently devotes a large portion of your hard drive to cache. I just looked on my machine here when the gray out condition happened and it had devoted 3656MB of space to cache. Why does that have an effect on the button? Who knows, but I changed my cache file to a reasonable 30MB and guess what... the button works again.

Remind me to get some sort of blog software working here will you? Jeeze. I just want to occasionally be able to type stuff but the archiving is a PITA. Mike had looked into movable type so I may need to do that soon. Blogger looked promising at first and then fizzled out with it's failure to work from my sidekick. As a web designer of sorts, part of me has a real problem with blogging systems but for this sort of site, it should work.
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Summer & The First Shave
8.10.2003 - 10:35 AM | permalink

The end of summer is nearing. Kids are heading back to school soon, soccer practice is starting and mother nature is giving us one last taste of the true meaning of the season. It's not raining outside yet but it might as well be. From the moment you step outside the confines of your metro cruiser (read car), a fine layer of moisture settles on your skin. You wish you had a moist towelette with you, as you feel as if a second shower suddenly would be in order.

So I was thinking last night, when growing a goatee, the first shave is very crucial. It sets the tone and shape of the goat for months to come. You typically allow growth all over the face for 3-4 days before you commit to shaving it down, going for the grizzly adams or leaving the goat. In my world, the stache alone is never an option. Sorry guys but I just don't think it works. Imagine now that you have been working the beard, and you trim it down... Only to find the lines crooked. What do you do? Go for a micro goat or scrap the idea, shave and give it another go a week later? Tough questions... Thus the critical nature of the first run of the razor.
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I Should Be Happy
8.08.2003 - 11:13 AM | permalink

Hey, there is an I Should Be Theme going on here... what the hell. Anyway, it's Friday and I should be happy as a pig in slop but I'm not. Don't know why. Actually, that is a lie, I probably have some inkling.

Could it be the fact that 2 times in one week I have had my pupils dialated in a search for why I see the world slightly slanted? It's something I have noticed for the last 5 years but it seems a little more pronounced as of late. I could rant about the state of healthcare and the bullshit referrals I have to get just to see an ophthalmologist and then the fact that I have to get another referral to see a neural ophthalmologist, but I wont. I'd be wasting my breath. The ophthalmologist seems to think I may have something called internuclear ophthalmoplegia which scares the hell out of me. Look it up on the net and you'll see why. The fact that it has been going on for as long as it has rules some causes out and of course, that might not be it at all, but I would like to get it squared away as soon as possible as to what the cause is.

Could it be the fact that I paid a heck of a lot of money to have a bunch of ceramic tile laid in my kids bathroom, kitchen backsplash and my master bedroom bath. What's to get upset about? Well, I was there for day one when they did the kids bath and the kitchen and I was fantastically pleased. Day 2, I had to go to the doctors (see above) so I wasn't around to talk to the tile people about designs for the master bath floor. Well, at first, they forgot they were doing a design on the floor. They started laying the tile when my wife saw what they were doing and had a cow. She then called me while I was sitting in the Eye Doctors office blind as a bat and told me what was going on. I then called the head tile guy, Moe and said... "you do recall us talking about putting a pattern in the floor". He said he never wrote it down. I said "remember when you took the sample tile we bought and arranged it on the floor in a diamond pattern? Hell, you even chipped the corner of one of the tiles, remember?" Moe says, "hmm". Anyway, normally, they would just pull up the tile and start over, but me in my high tech wisdom had an under tile heating system installed so you feet would never be cold stepping on it. It's controlled by a digital thermostat which is WAY cool. Problem is, if they tore the initial tile up, they would ruin the mat which cost about $200. So, they try to improvise and create a design in the floor where the tile hasn't been laid yet. Keep in mind all of this is happening with my wife trying to tell me what is going on over the phone while my eyes are stinging from eye drops and my cell phone keeps dropping out cause I am in a shitty cell phone area. Finally, they get my wife to agree on a design and then put it in. Meanwhile, I have told my wife, I trust you... if the design doesn't look right, just do it plain. She decides that I really wanted a design and even though it just looked ok, we should do it so I don't get upset (this is the fun of marriage). So, they install. Honestly, it looks ok, but would have looked better plain. The design isn't quite centered where it should be on the vanity, but again, there were limitations to what they could do. So, out of all three tile locations, our master bath turned out to be the one I least like. Sigh.

Could it be that I promised to have a complete redesign done on IEEE-USA's website a few years ago and have never gotten it done. Now, we actually set a deadline and I'll have to complete it next week?

Could it be that I have had a headache for about a week straight?

Who the hell knows.
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I Should Be Sleeping, Instead the BBC Is On
8.04.2003 - 11:15 AM | permalink

But I sit here watching BBC America and "So Graham Norton". Those of you who don't watch, tune out now cause none of this will make sense. Don't know what it is about the show or the host but it cracks me up every time. Add to that the fact that he's got Steve Irwin on and you've got a winner, mate. Johnny Knocksville is on Friday. got to remember to catch that. While I am on the subject of the BBC, I have to say, I don't like the new Ground Force as well without Alan Tischmark. Alan was the glue that kept the show interesting plus he had a good sense of humor. Tommy and Charlie just don't have that.

Update: Steve is now in a baby pool wrestling a blow up croc trying to show Graham how to capture them. He's soaked. Now graham brings in an audience member dressed as a croc... Jesus, TV in the US needs this!

Oh, in Shocker of The Day News, my buddy Mike Manes called and left a message that the University of Dayton has asked him to chair the Class of 1989 15 Year Reunion. Guess who he wants to co-chair? I'm actually thinking about it. I have to see what's expected of us. I wasn't as involved in college as I wanted while I was there... this may be a chance to redeem myself.
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