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Return of the Blogger Part II
10.31.2003 - 1:07 PM | permalink

So, apparently got bought out by Google, which in this case is a good thing because all of a sudden, things that didn't use to work suddenly do? My quest was simple. I wanted to be able to post notes to the site here via my t-mobile sidekick cell phone. Last year when I tried, the Blogger site was so convoluted, it didn't let me do so thru my sidekick browser. Now apparently, they have addressed those issues, dropped the blogger pro service which you used to have to pay for and made the interface much more sidekick friendly. For that I am greatful. And for those of you who enjoy my rants and raves, it may mean I post here more often since I can do it during my morning or afternoon commute on the train. Nice work Blogger Folks!

Halloween is upon us and I have the house decked out as usual. Smoke machine, strobes, exterior illumination and music loop are prepared. I'm leaving work today at 3pm to get things set up. Now, if only I could find a butler uniform from Disney's Haunted Mansion, the scene would be complete.

Of course, now that Halloween is almost come and gone... you know what is next Mr. Grizwald? The search for pieces to add to the Christmas display begins in earnst on the web and in local stores. I have my title as "Best Contemporary Display" to defend. I can see my wife rolling her eyes right now...
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This Page Sucks.
10.16.2003 - 10:29 AM | permalink

I know, but I have about zero time to dedicate to the thing... so for now, I am trying to rethink what I am doing here. Really, the site is just a repository for stuff I want to store but I feel an urge to do something more. Problem is, reality outweighs the urge. Maybe when soccer ends, I will have time to do something creative here.
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