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Curses To You Danger & T-Mobile!!!
4.20.2004 - 3:14 PM | permalink

Stupid Tmobile Sidekick. I have to say, I agree with my buddy Gary. Danger, the company that makes the Sidekick has premiered what looks to be it's next gen phone and is supposedly due 4th Quarter 2004/Early 2005. I want it now. But then, the hate part of the phone comes in. After 18 months or so, we Sidekick users are still waiting for the ability to SYNC with Outlook, something that was promised to be delivered in 2003. Then there is the problems with the first gen hardware itself. I think Gary has had about 6 of the phones to date. Then, the latest.... complete network meltdown. I havn't seen an email or been able to send one for over a day now. All T-mobile can say is.... we'll give you a 50 minute credit to your bill. Huh? 24+ hours down and I get 50 minutes. How does that make sense? It is truely love hate though. I love the phone and the freedom it has given me. I am less tied to my computer now than ever. It's by far the best of the PDA / Internet / Email phones... but it's still got a way to go. Lets hope Gen2 Sidekick fixes the outstanding issues and lets us Sync in peace.
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It Finally Happened
- 3:04 PM | permalink

Filling up the Mitsubishi yesterday and pulled into the local gas station. I have been pretty good about feeding my car premium gas since I bought it as instructed by the manufacturer. However, I was given pause, when for the first time ever in my life, gas had exceeded $2.00 a gallon. $2.00 9/10 to be exact at the local 7-11. Shocker, and until now, the rising price of gas really didn't bug me... but the $2.00 barrier hit home for some reason. Meanwhile, I am also torqued off that our gas stations (2) in Urbana somehow feel that now, they can charge almost 10 cents more a gallon than their brothers up the road in Frederick. It's like they sense that they have tapped into the "Upscale Community" thing and are going to make everyone pay a premium. Problem is, when I actually moved in over 3 years ago, housing prices weren't at a premium and gas was as cheap as it was up the road. Now, housing prices have almost DOUBLED and so I guess, our local merchants feel we can pay extra for the convenience of local gas. Screw them. Jerks.
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Coke Coffee
4.08.2004 - 1:22 PM | permalink

I just discoved an interesting drink...

Vanilla Coke
Remnants of an Iced Caramel Machiatto
Shake Well

Vanilla Coffee Coke Machiatto. Yum. Vanilla Coke with a hint of coffee taste.
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My Head Is Going To Explode
4.06.2004 - 11:10 AM | permalink

While I have quite possibly been the most productive I've been in a long while, I feel that my head is going to blow clean off my shoulders. Part of the concern is tax time. In a little over a week, the dread of every US citizen come to fruition... Tax Day, April 15. I have been swearing for years that this year is going to be the one where I hire an accountant. After all, tallying 2 businesses, a condo sale, rental income and the normal married with kids - everyday taxable income crap gets a little tricky. But some how, Turbo Tax pulls me through.

Add to that stress at work because my plate is always full, INTERCOT and it's daily challenges and the fact that a web development gig for the frederick city marathon just walked into my door and I am butt silly busy. Oh, and did I mention that suddenly interest seems to have picked up with Oops, forgot, I owe my brother 2 websites related to the golf course he runs. Then there's the pool committee that I am in charge of for my community which meets tomorrow. And the desk I need to put together for my wife's office in the basement. Ok, I am gonna stop now before I turn into Gerd Man and his faithful sidekick Reflux Boy.

Just keep thinking to yourself... Decaf Iced Vente Caramel Machiatto. Mmmmmmm. Caramelly. Sweet sugary goodness.
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