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1991 Stealth - Before
9.16.2004 - 1:47 PM | permalink

This is the before picture of the my 1991 Dodge Stealth. I'm trying out a new feature of blogger that allows you to easily integrate pictures called "Hello" from Picasa.
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Time To Ketchup
- 10:23 AM | permalink

Ok, I needed a catchy title to bring everyone up to date on what's being going on lately with me so to tie that in, have you seen the W ketchup? Its for folks that don't want to support the Heintz fortune given the politics of Kerry/Heintz. It's amusing but lets face it, Heintz makes the best ketchup... And if you are gonna put the stuff on the food, I'm not switching now... Even if I don't care for the Heintz clan. If you are bored, check out

Now that the obligatory tie in is done, let me just tell you I have been snot busy for the past few months. We have had more personal tragedy go on this year and more sickness than any year in my memory. 4 family deaths since late last year, 2 burst appendix and colds/fevers gallore. I really am hoping that now everything has appeared to pass, we will have a quiet period of "normalcy".

On the auto front, I am well on the way to having my 1991 Dodge Stealth restored. I had a new body kit put on that matched the original that came with the car and had it painted. Things look really sharp and I'll have to take picture soon. Next up, replacing the stereo, fixing minor issues in the interior and getting a sunroof put in.

The new sidekick is on its way. T-mobile sent out an offer the other day for current sidekick owners to upgrade to the sidekick II before it hits the streets. Of course, I jumped at the chance and it should be here in less than a week from now.
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