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Gartner Snafoos
10.18.2004 - 10:01 PM | permalink

How embarassing is it when you are at what is probably the worlds largest IT conference (The Gartner IT Symposium and Expo), and you cant get out to the internet on their wired or wireless network. You call the help desk at the hotel and they tell you they litereally added 2 T1's and it had no effect. So, you grab the phone cord and hook up via telephone... and the internet is snappy and responsive. Could things look any worse? I don't know. I'll let you know if things improve as the week goes on. The service has been equally bad in the hotel and in the conference sessions. I guess it's a sign of the times in the wired world that more people than ever are connected both wired and wireless. You would think they would have planned for this though... after all, that's what they do. Help IT organizations plan.
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13 Years - Not Unlucky At All
10.05.2004 - 9:26 AM | permalink

Today my wife and I celebrate 13 years together. Personally, I think we are closer now than any other time in our marriage and are very happy together. Like any relationship, we have had our ups and downs, but its amazing after all this time, we seem to have stepped things up a notch.

What's more amazing is that this comes in what has been a very tough year for us. My grandmother, my wifes grandmother and my wifes uncle all have passed away in the pasr 12 months. My parents are in the process of moving to florida, my son Michael had surgery to repair a hole in his ear drum left by tubes put in at a young age and my other son Andrew has batteled mono and some unknown virus along with severe seasonal allergies. Oh, and my wife for all intents and purposes started an embroidery business which entailed learning a pretty complicated commercial embroidery machine.

So, it appears adversity and some good old fashioned hard work has had a positive effect on us as a couple. It hasn't been easy, but what thing worth doing ever is. 13 years later, this thing we call marriage is going pretty well.

And that's a good thing(tm).
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Stealth Album Up
10.04.2004 - 1:40 AM | permalink

Ok, I finally got around to taking some photos and describing how I came into owning the 1991 Stealth along with the work I have done to date. Click here to see what I have been up to... why I have been such a slacker lately. I've also added the link in the menu bar under the Stealth Links for your convenience so you can see how things go over the coming months.
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