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Kudos To The Cowards
11.03.2004 - 1:28 PM | permalink

At all the network news services who so bravely decided to throw Nevada into Bush's column the second after Kerry decided to concede. Nicely done. It's also interesting to note, the other major networks besides Fox suddenly decided to throw in Ohio as well. None of them were willing to call the election prior to the call, even though it was clear to most of America what was going on.
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- 8:40 AM | permalink

The number the news media just can't face this morning. It's ridiculous that Iowa, New Mexico and Nevada haven't been called for the president, but no one wants to put him over the 270 mark to make it official. Shocker! Hopefully John Kerry will do the right thing today and concede the election for the good of the country but I doubt it. It seems his team is determined to draw the process out regardless of the fact that the results just aren't going to change. There is NO WAY mathematically that he is going to win all the provisional ballots AND the absentee ballots outstanding.
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