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The Sun Will Come Out... Tomorrow
2.07.2005 - 9:37 AM | permalink

Well, I laughed while watching the Super Bowl at the commercial that had players and coaches singing "the sun will come out tomorrow" from the musical Annie and the tagline... "after tonite, we'll all be undefeated". Of course, the meaning being, after the Super Bowl is over, it's another year of football and hoping that your team will win the big game. I laughed at the time. I'm not laughing now after the Eagles loss. Is it just me, or did it seem like they didn't want to win given what happened in the last 5 minutes of the game? The two minute offense was HORRIBLE. They looked incredibly disorganized and lethargical. Whats the deal with that? Seems like they had already given up? Oh well. the sun will come out tomorrow.

Seems we are going thru a warming trend here in DC. Three days now in the 50's. In February, that's more than welcome. People were outside playing hoops, kids were riding bikes and I took the chance to clean the road salt off and give our three cars a bath. It was a welcome respite from staying inside. I even hopped in my neglected hot tub for a soak. It's weekends like this that make you feel like you are over the winter hump, when in most cases, Mother Nature is still packing some punch and will hit you with a late February / early March malday. Time will tell.
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One You Get Over The Shock
2.03.2005 - 5:55 PM | permalink

That I have actually posted something 2 times in three days, let me know. Ok, so are you back now? I guess the bottom line is I have been very busy as of late and havn't been jazzed about anything enough to write about it. Well, EVDO is pretty darn cool, so I guess that set me on my way. As you read, I am typing this from an Amtrak train headed to BWI. The connection drops off occasionally, but all in all... not too shabby. I was able to grab and respond to mail. I even downloaded a program at one point and did some instant messanging.

Other stuff I am juiced about is that prog rock god (pun intended) Neal Morse has come out with a second album since leaving Spocks Beard called "One". Yes, it still is lyrically based in Neal's new found faith, but musically, there isn't much that can touch it that's out today. Maybe I am just used to it, but it doesn't hit you over the head quite as much this time round with the religion. Sure the songs have meaning but, I'd rather have that than the nothingness of some of todays rock/pop.

On the other hand, Spocks Beard also came out with another album. Honestly I am not sure where I stand on it. Their first release after Neal left was uneven at best and after about 30 days of listening to it, I can tell you it hasn't made it out since. First run thru with the new album (are they still called that) Octane was again a mixed bag. I am going to give it a few more run thrus over the coming weeks and see if I come around. If not, I think this is the end of the line for me buying their stuff.
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Do you know EVDO?
2.01.2005 - 9:53 PM | permalink

It's been an interesting and surprising day. I turned on my HDTivo in the basement tonite, and was shocked to find a new HD channel.... Universal HD. when did this happen? And why didn't DirecTV tell me? Basically, Universal and NBCTV has decided to make their archives into a channel. You know what.... I'll take it. Right now, I am starved for HD content, so kudos to DirecTV for finally moving forward and bringing us more of what we want. It's about damn time.

So, do you know EVDO? A few weeks ago, I didn't either. Then a buddy of mine introduced me to it. Basically, it's a high speed wireless data network that Verizon is building. Having recently aquired a Macintosh Power Book G4, I was looking for a way to go mobile with it. Sure, it had wireless 802.11 built in, but there are plently of places that don't have wifi hotspots. I checked into it and OSX supported the EVDO technology. But the problem was, it's implemented via a pcmcia card. When I bought my mac, I wanted something small... so I went with the 12" PowerBook. Well, the 12" didn't have a pcmcia port, so it was time to take it back. I reluctantly swapped it out for the 15", with visions of EVDO dancing in my head.

Then, I was brought back to earth. I went to verizon, and they said, the card isn't supported and doesn't work. Of course, defiant, I said, "but I have read that it works fine on the internet". "No, it does not work, they are wrong" I was told. Well, as usually is the case, I don't believe what I am always told. So, I went back to my office and ordered the Audiovox / Sierra 5220 PCMCIA Card. A day later to my shock, it arrived in the mail. Then the time of truth came. I plugged it in. All looked good... but it wouldn't connect. Maybe they were right. It might not work.

Not one to give up... I called tech support. I even set the software up on my PC so that I wouldn't get a load of crap from the tech support folks. Turns out, that my card got to me too quick and it just hadn't been activated yet. As soon as they ran things thru the system, I popped the card in the mac and BOOM, I was surfing high speed. Amazing! Now, to test it over the next 15 days and see how the network is. I have my fingers crossed.
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