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The Restoration Continues
4.22.2005 - 11:25 PM | permalink

The saga continues and is realling making progress. Sound, new graphics, painting, wood filler and the bulbman are all awaiting you here as I continue work restoring an arcade classic, TRON!
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The MCP Comes Home - Tron Arcade Game
4.15.2005 - 2:26 PM | permalink

Tap, Tap, Tap..... (sqeeeeeeeeek) is this thing on? Hi, my name is John. (Hi John.) I am an Ebay junkie.

My bidding and browsing got the best of me the other day. I had been talking with Stacey about our plans for our basement, and I mentioned it sure would be cool if we had an upright arcade game to go with the crane. A pair of games makes much more sense than a single game, right? Say with me... "right." So, being the impulsive kind of guy I am, this meant an immediate trip to EBay to see what I could find. In reality, I had only one game in mind. Tron. As a youth, there were pretty much only a handful of games I played. Space Invaders, Aseroids, Pac Man, Star Wars Tie Fighter and Tron. The game that I pumped more quarters into than any other? Tron. So, of course, that was what I sought out. First listing I came across was a slightly beaten up Tron with no sound located in Ohio. I thought to myself, Ohio.... that's not a bad drive. I went to school in Ohio. Ohio is fine... only 5-7 hours away. I can do that. Yep. Yep. On the sound issue... I am sure I can fix that. There must be people who do that on the net. I'm a tech savvy guy. Yep. Yep. Why don't I just place a bid to snipe this auction at the last possible second, for the list price. I'll just do it for fun. No way I will win. This has to go for more than $600 right? Ok, placing bid. No way I will win. Yep. Yep.

I won.

I guess the sound issue scared some folks off. Anyway, it does indeed seem there is a vibrant community out there that remembers and loves this game as much as I do. In fact, there are about a dozen sites dedicated to telling the story of restoring Tron games to their former glory. In other words, there is a roadmap for me to follow. And this is a good thing. Now, if I can get the sound working again, I will be a Happy Boy.

See the Tron Restoration Project Here
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Disposable Society and a Big F U to General Electric
4.12.2005 - 10:01 AM | permalink

Frustration. Unbelievable frustration. The Roo (my wife - staceroo - a nickname that goes back to when we are dating but is rarely used) came to me over the weekend with the news... "oh, I forgot to tell you... the washing machine appears to be broke." I sighed heavily. Little over 12 months ago, the same washing machine that was little over 3 years old... the GE® Energy Star® Super Plus 3.2 Cu. Ft. Capacity Washer... had a motor go on it. It's a $400+ machine. The repair person that came out said "yeah, those motors aren't very good". At the time, we were trying to save cash and I thought, well, if we can get another 3 years out of a motor for $250, why not replace it rather than buying new. WRONG CHOICE. 13 months later... bingo, the motor dies again. F YOU GE for marketing such a big piece of CRAP! Funny, as we shopped Sears for our next washer on Sunday, we saw the GE washers. I asked the sales person what they thought about them. Her exact quote "we carry them, but we don't sell them." Very telling. It's just amazing to me that a machine built for daily use can't last more than 3 years without breaking. More amazing was the fact the motor didn't last 13 months the second time around. This time, we aren't cheaping out and purchased a Kenmore Elite 3.5 cu. ft. King Size Capacity Top Load Washer with Calypso™ Wash Motion. The thing better last. One good thing is it uses about 1/2 the amount of water that our old washer did. With all the laundry we do, thats a good thing. Let's hope this works out and the appliance gods smile on us.
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