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The Disney Nano?
9.30.2005 - 11:40 AM | permalink

Crap. If only I hadn't bought my Nano a week ago. I gotta tell you, this thing looks sweet. It's called the Mickey Digital Mix Sticks MP3 Player. Ok, the screen is way puny but for the price of $49, it's a great starter unit for the kids. Plus, it's expandable up to 1GB. That's a welcome feature. I hope it's a big hit. Check it out at
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The Great Apple IPod Nano Coverup
9.29.2005 - 3:38 PM | permalink

“We have received very few calls from customers reporting this problem – we do not think this is a widespread issue,” said Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller. “If customers are concerned about scratching we suggest they use one of the many iPod nano cases to protect their iPod.”
Nice. Hey JackAss... before you make statements like that, maybe you should check your own Apple Store where the IPod Nano Tubes (cases) currently "Ships: 4-6 weeks". You would think the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing would have a grip on that wouldn't you? Maybe he'd also like to explain why the screen on my nano has scratches on it despite being caudled for the first 2 weeks I have owned it. Honestly, people aren't joking. The screen scratches incredibly easy. My IPod Mini didn't look this bad a year later.

Story From MacWorld
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iPod Nano Owners in Screen Scratch Trauma
9.23.2005 - 11:48 AM | permalink

Leave it to me to be on the bleeding edge. I noticed this almost right away when I took the film off my Nano. Apparently I am not alone...

People slavering to get Apple's "impossibly small" iPod Nano into their sticky hands may want to pause a moment: those ahead of them in the queue have discovered that it's also unbelievably easy to scratch the screen, nixing its photo-displaying abilities.

Apple's discussion forums are already host to a 188-post thread on the topic, where people have spotted that the plastic used for the screen and front of the product is as sensitive as a Kate Moss sponsor.

Story Here: iPod Nano owners in screen scratch trauma
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From The - Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Worse File...
9.07.2005 - 7:07 PM | permalink

So, I had a hell of a day yesterday. Was trying to upgrade PHP on the webserver from v.4 to v.5 and in the process, managed to knock our discussion boards offline for about 5 hours in the process. Found out today, PHP doesn't come precompiled for MySQL anymore. You have to enable it in the .ini file. Would have been nice to know yesterday... but this is the way life works.

Then today....

I get this idea to upgrade my ram in my computer. Occasionally I had been getting messages related to memory issues that caused the computer to blue screen. Not often enough for it to be a major annoyance. That and with the anti virus running in the background and spy sweeping... More overhead would be good right?

Anyway, went to staples and picked up a 512 mb dim. Figured I would pop it in with my 2 256 sticks in there. They are all pc133. No prob right? First time boot... Bunch of error messages come up. Reboot. Figure, maybe windows needed to register the new memory or had shit stored on the ram sticks.

Second time... Boots in. Beauty. Runs for 20 minutes. Reboots itself.

Drive 2 in raid array shows critical status. Shit. Apparently drive has become removed from array. Rebuild.

An hour later. Remove 512 mb ram and reboot with original ram. Many errors on first boot. 2nd boot... Stalls.

Ok, so I figure one of the sticks has gone bad... Maybe removing them and just popping in the 512 stick will work. IN the process, I find another 256 133 stick so I pop it in there.

1st boot, errors. 2nd boot... We are in. Windows says it had to restore data from a backup of the registry. Tells me this 3x. Then seems to run.



Array 2 dead again. Currently rebuilding. 20% completed - removed all but 512 stick.

Tomorrow... Heading out for a) new motherboard, processor and ram OR b) new box computer from sony.

I am so done with this shit. I hate computers.

Typing this on my Mac G4 - Which is running fine..........
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Where's the Rest of the World?
9.01.2005 - 6:39 PM | permalink

Rather than ranting on about this, I'll merely repost a comment I found on another blog today. It fits my thoughts exactly.

Hey, here’s something to think about. Isn’t it incredibly heartwarming, seeing the naval vessels from Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Mexico, the Phillipines, steaming towards New Orleans, to render aid? isn’t it wonderful how much money the telethons in europe have accumulated to aid their fellow human beings in their great time of need? Isn’t it extraordinary that the search and rescue teams from Switzerland and Malaysia and the Congo are in New orleans now, helping us with this natural disaster?

Oh. Wait. Sorry, I must have been dreaming.

I blame the rest of the world for not helping their fellow human beings in time of need.

The only thing that possibly sickens me more than the apparent lack of outcry from the world community in our time of need, is the actions and behavior of a select group of those that remain in the once great city... looting (not for food but electronics and big ticket items), robberies, shooting at police, and the list goes on.
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