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Home Arcade

Well, it's widely known that I am a kid at heart.  A love for Disney, the sport car of my youth in my driveway and now... our own arcade of sorts.

It started in early 2005 when we acquired our own crane machine.  The kids and I developed a nasty habit of stopping at almost any crane game we saw and plunking dollar after dollar into them.  Along the way, we became pretty darn good.... to the point where after a play or two, we could tell if you had a chance of ever winning anything.  So, of course, we found a few cranes near us (at the Pizza Hut, 2 local Wal-Mart's and Pugsley's - a local pub) and hammered away at them... until before long, we had a sizeable collection of stuffed animals or plush as they call them in the crane biz.

Smart Industries Clean Sweep Crane

So, when you own this much plush, what is the next logical thing to do?  Buy a crane game off eBay to store it in of course! 

So, we did.  Below are pictures as it appeared on eBay.  I have cleaned it up a little bit since bringing her back into better form.

Bally Midway Tron Upright - Restoration

Once you have your own crane game in your basement... what can you do except buy something to compliment it.  For me, the choice was obvious.  There was one game I played as a kid more than any other arcade game... and that was Tron.


Baby Pac Man - Restoration

Completing the trio, is a Baby Pac Man machine we acquired on March 19, 2006 again via eBay.  Purchase cost was $258.67.  The cabinet has video board issues... quoting the seller " The game is complete but does not work completely. It gets the required 5 flashes from the cpu but the game does not start."  So, we'll likely be sending the boards out for repair.  Also, the coin door is bent and the cabinet has a minor crack.  All in all for about $250, not a bad fixer upper deal.



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