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A Sweet Day For Flyers Fans!
11.30.2002 - 1:15 PM | permalink

Dayton Wins, Dayton Wins, Dayton Wins. Can you feel the heart pounding action of College Basketball coming your way? Tonight, Dayton defeated #19 or #21 depending on what poll you looked at Cincinnati 75-69. Most of the game, Dayton lead and I have to say, I feel good about the Flyers Chances this year. Time will tell as we play in the weeks ahead... #4 Duke, #13 Marquette and #15 Xavier twice. Regardless, it's good to be a Flyers fan! We end an 8 year loosing streak to Cincinnati and show some promise for the days ahead!
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Sorry For My Absence... But My Brain is Sprained!
- 1:14 PM | permalink

Let me tell you... when you have a pinched nerve on your brain, you don't feel much like blogging or anything else for that matter. Actually, today in my second appointment to the doctor, I actually got him to write down what it is called as he had to write a referral to a neurologist. The scientific term is Occipital Neuralgia. So, I did a little search on the net and found:

What is Occipital Neuralgia?
Occipital neuralgia is a chronic pain disorder caused by irritation or injury to the occipital nerve located in the back of the scalp. Individuals with the disorder experience pain originating at the nape of the neck. The pain, often described as throbbing and migraine-like, spreads up and around the forehead and scalp. Occipital neuralgia can result from physical stress, trauma, or repeated contraction of the muscles of the neck.

Is there any treatment?
Treatment is generally symptomatic and includes massage and rest. In some cases, antidepressants may be used when the pain is particularly severe. Other treatments may include local nerve blocks and injections of steroids directly into the affected area.

It sounds much more interesting that if feels, that's for sure. If you like feeling like you are being stabbed repeatedly with a knife behind your right ear, order yourself up a case of Occipital Neuralgia!

On other fronts, my Dayton Flyers are off to a 5-2 start. The two losses were against teams we should have beaten (Miami of Ohio and St. Louis) but things are looking up after an 80-65 defeat of Ball State. Two more games this week against Old Dominion and Villanova will tell the tale if we are on the right track or not.

By the way, just for fun, I turned the cams on again. I keep forgetting to activate them. If you notice them not updating for a few days, feel free to let me know.
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A Sad Day For Progressive Rock
11.12.2002 - 1:15 PM | permalink

Picked up the latest Spocks Beard CD entitled Snow and have been listening to it non stop for the past few weeks. It's a concept album in the fine tradition of Yes and ELP with song structure and harmonies that beckon you to the glory of album rock days of old. The sad part is that this album marks the departure of front-man and composer Neal Morse who apparently has "found god". Now, I am as religious as the next guy but this stumps and angers me. This was one of the few remaining truly "cool" bands out there. I had wanted to see them in concert at least once and now, chances are I never will. Neal was the band. The voice, the lyrics, the compositions. Obviously the guys in the band are super talented but I am worried where they will go from here. Of course, the BEARD says they plan to play on. Lets hope they find someone who can carry on the fine tradition established by the band. At the same time, Neal participated in my other favorite band, Transatlantic. Unlike Spocks Beard, the guys from the band say they just can't see going on without Neal. It's a sad day for Progressive Rock.
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