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Today, I Become A Hot Tub Guy - Update
12.21.2003 - 10:32 AM | permalink

Well, all seems well at this point. The tub is presently at 102 degrees. If I get a chance, I'm going to hop in later tonite. My LED light that does a multi color lightshow also arrived yesterday. Timing was a little bad, cause if it came a few days earlier, I could have had the folks from Browning Pool and Spa pop it in for me, but I think this is a job I can do.
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Today, I Become A Hot Tub Guy
12.20.2003 - 9:09 AM | permalink

As I type, the water is filling on my new hot tub. This is the moment I have waited months for. I originally bought this Coleman Model 555 Spa about 3 months ago when the late summer / early fall breezes still blew thru Urbana. Then after months of delays on the paver patio that was to be installed, waiting on electrical permits and finally for the electrical to be installed, we are here. 5 days before Christmas. Soon, I will fire her up for the first time. Be sure to cross you fingers with me, ok?
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It's the Economy Stupid
12.15.2003 - 8:25 AM | permalink

The best economy in 20 years (that's since since 1984) is predicted for the United States in 2004. Remember Ronald Regan? Remember Tax Cuts? Shocker... look out, happy days might be here again. But you won't hear that from the liberal news media.
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The Yaglenski Celebration of Lights
12.02.2003 - 10:02 AM | permalink

It feels like a Monday today, partially because I worked from home yesterday and partly because my head is pounding with a vicious headache. I don't think there is much worse a way to start your day than waking up with a headache.

The Yaglenski Celebration of Lights is up and on display for all to see and already there have been technical issues. The skating snowman I ordered has a string of rope light out so it will have to go back while I have them rushing out a replacement. Rope light when it dies is not repairable by any normal human being. It looks great but is bad for that reason. Our huge 4 foot wreath managed to have one of its two supports come loose, so I will have to head up the ladder to the tallest point on the roof to fix it today or tomorrow if the wind ever dies down. One of the two strands of rope light stars must have a short in the cord, as it keeps going out and coming back. So I went to target for a replacement last night. Stacey is putting that up today. A combination garland/light string that we have used for years to adorn our front porch complete with red bows has had a section go out. Not
sure whether we will be able to repair it. Lastly, I put in place a new computer controlled light show this year. The product comes in the form of a 6 outlet box. You plug 6 different items in, program the controller, and you are off to the races. Problem is, we have had momentary power outages 3-4 times a day for the last week, which means the controller gets reset every time. The brainchildren who came up with this device apparently didn't think of putting a 9 volt inside it to save the settings in case power went out. Not a huge deal, but an annoyance to have to go out and reset it every night to turn off six hours after dusk and to play show 19 which rotates thru all available light shows. Oh, and if you have 5 amp fuses lying around, you could sell them for quite a profit. All the stores are out. They are scarcer than that magic blue windshield washer stuff after a major snowstorm...

By the way, I plan to do a page on our holiday lights and place all the details on what we have going and how we got to where we are in the next few days. Look for it here at Astralbase.
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