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3.24.2006 - 10:51 AM | permalink

So everybody's pulling you in all directions
You don't know how much longer to take it
So you've learned how to fake it

That smile on the outside's fading fast
Like the things that you thought for sure would last
But they didn't
You know something's missing
Is it your life you're not living?

Your heart is cold, your soul is numb
You don't like who you've become
You played the game and paid the cost for long enough
So grab the reins, yeah, take the wheel
Lose what's not and keep what's real
It's not too late,
Just close your eyes and feel, feel

You can't tell if you're happy or sad
Can't tell the good from bad
It's senseless
To waste your senses
Maybe stop thinking with your head
Start using your heart instead
Just try it
You just might like it
Aren't you dying to start livin'?


Every breath that's going thru you
Take each day that's given to you
To love back the ones who love you


You can't tell if you're happy or sad
Can't tell the good from the bad
Feel and stop thinking with your head
Start using your heart instead

Your heart is cold, your soul is numb
Yeah, yeah, yeah�.
You�ve played the game for long enough, oh, no, no,
Everybody�s pulling you in all directions.
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Hello - Is It Me You're Looking For?
3.07.2006 - 10:03 AM | permalink

Props out to my man Lionel Ritchie for the Blogline. Yep, it's been quite a while since I have posted here. A lot has been going on and to be quite honest, I havn't felt like myself for quite a while. I've been in a funk and I'm not out of it yet. I guess the fact that everything is just OK has me bummed out - seems like everything is on auto pilot - and the pilot (me) is sleeping at the wheel. Added to my malday's is the fact that I apparently have sleep apnea. For the last few years, I have been wandering around thinking I was just pushing myself too hard and that was the reason I was tired all the time. While some of that may be true, the truth is I am not sleeping well, which also leads me to be grouchy and has lead to a rise in my blood pressure. Great. I can see turning 40 is going to be all it's cracked up to be. Maybe that's part of it too. Lets face it, 40 IS mid life. Not 50. I'm starting to feel a little old.

On the good news front, in January we adopted a 13 month old pure breed Sheltie named Chloe. She is the most adorable little thing and weighs about 20lbs. which puts her on the smaller side of the breed. She came from Triangle Sheltie Rescue in North Carolina and we couldn't be happier.

About 2 weeks ago, we adopted our second pup Cara. Cara is a 7 month old Sheltie, but we suspect she is not pure bred. She was found wandering with 2 other Shelties and is a shy timid TINY girl. We thought Chloe was small until we saw Cara. I have joked with my wife that while she looks mostly like a Sheltie, she almost appears to have some "weiner dog" in her. Her nose is shorter than Chloes, she doesn't have the "perk" ears, she is thin, and has a tail that curls up a bit. Still, quite a cute dog. The only problem we have had thus far is that she is pretty darn scared of me. Where Chloe warmed right up to me and probably could be said to be my dog, Cara is friends with everyone but me (except when I have a treat in my hand). She is much better with kids and while a little scared of my wife, she still will go up to her and say hello. Me, she kind of avoids right now. Hoping that will change the longer she is with us. That too has me bummed out a bit. She is a wonderful play partner for Chloe however, and they get along quite well.

More later...
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