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Sprint Pocket PC - 6900 - Touch

My current Windows Mobile based SUPERPhone.  Recently, I installed much of the HTC Touch theme (along with files I modified - of course) and have come up with a great looking phone with minimal memory issues.  This involved dumping some of my favorite programs including phoneAlarm and WisbarAdvance due to the amount of memory they eat up and the current instability of said programs on Windows Mobile Professional 6.


The Levelbest HTC Touch
Slide2Unlock Theme

Background Logo Blue
Background Logo Green

The Levelbest HTC Touch Theme
For the 6 Button HTC Touch Homeplug

Levelbest HTC Blue & Greem Logo TSK Zip

The Levelbest HTC Touch Theme
Weather Selected

Levelbest HTC Touch Theme
For Windows Media Player

HTC Touch Comm Manager

HTC Touch Dialer

Currently on the phone...

PocketCM Contacts 0.7 - iPhone like contact manager complete with finger scrolling.  Free.
website | local archive

ipKeyboard - Input method selector which allows you to specify the default method for inputting text.  Used in my case to select iPhone like screen keyboard.  Includes KOTETU Happy Tapping Keyboard - Keyboard skinning application.  Free.
website | local archive

pocketMax Phone Alarm 1.61.1 beta (Build 175)  - Repeating alarm and volume manager - and also the bottom part of the iphone makeover.  Complete with iPhone skin I helped design and program.  I call it the yPhone Skin for Phone Alarm.  $24.95

Lakeridge Software WisBar Advance 3 - Beta 6 - Desktop skinning application that gives the default "crossbow" interface of Windows Mobile 6 an extreme makeover.  Used in conjunction with my yPhone skin for Wisbar.  $9.99

HTC Audio Manager v1.2.515.718 - Touch controlled media player.  Currently it only lists playlists alphabetically - which is a big problem.  Using a skin for Windows Media Player instead which resembles the audio manager till this gets ironed out.  Free.
website | local archive

ScaryBear Software Spacer 1.0 - Currently iLauncher does not have the capability to place icons anywhere you wish on the screen, nor does it allow you to add space.  So, in order to space out the today screen, I use this to add some padding to the top between iLauncher and the Taskbar.  Free.
local archive

Microsoft Office 2007 - Upgrade to Office Applications included on the Mogul to run the latest version of Mobile Applications from Microsoft.  Free.
website | local archive

PHM Registry Editor 0.70 - For tweaking programs such as Slide2Unlock.  Free.
website | local archive

AC Slide2Unlock 1.19 - iPhone like lock for the Pocket PC.  Combined with the wallpaper I designed, it makes for a slick lock for the phone.  Also has a neat caller ID feature.  It's a little memory intensive however at 5mb.  Free.
website | local archive PocketWeather - Nice weather package that integrates well with Slide2Unlock to display weather icons and temps on the lock screen.  $9.95
website Pocket Screen Capture 1.0 - Simple, easy to use screen capture program.  Free.
website | local archive

TomTom Navigator 6 - GPS Navigation Program for the Pocket PC.  Turn by turn directions and traffic information.  $149.00 ( has it for $20 Instant Rebate + additional
5% off coupon code "semsons")
website iLauncher 3.0.05 - Today screen plug in that I use to display the main iPhone icons.  $14.95

HTC TOUCH Dialer - HTC Dialer replacement for the standard mogul dialer.  Bigger keys, easier finger touch operation.  Free.
website | local archive

HTC TOUCH CommManager 8 Button - CommManager replacement.  Bigger keys, easier finger touch operation. Free.
website | local archive

Finster869 WM6 RDP - For some reason, remote desktop was not included in the moguls standard applications.  So, an enthusiast made a cab file from another phones stock software - and it runs perfectly.  Free.
website | local archive

SlingPlayer Mobile - Mobile version of the SlingPlayer which allows me to watch and control my DirecTV box back at home.  $29.99

PocketPuTTY - SSH/Telnet client.  Works like a charm.  Copy the .exe to a folder on your PocketPC, create a shortcut to it and bingo!  Free.

Resco Radio - Resco Pocket Radio is a player and recorder that provides endless streaming radio broadcasting and is perfect for those who can't live without a radio at their fingertips. They were kind enough to include JOHNfm in their Rock listings.  Great product, easy to use.  $19.95

NYX Software NyxClock - The alarm clock on the PPC is aweful.  Can someone explain to me why it doesn't turn the volume on if the PPC is in mute mode?  Anyway, this application is a great replacement that is very easy to use even if it's a little bit ugly!  And it controls the system volume so you never have to worry, is my phone muted, will I be woken up?  Free.

Black Taskbar Registry Edit - Change the registry to the following value to enable true black WM6 taskbars (not dark gray) - HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Color/BaseHue = 160 (Decimal)

Pseudo iPhone

Almost immediately after Apple announced the iPhone, Pocket PC owners discovered that they could (though the help of many of the programs above) make their Pocket PC Phone look and function just like an iPhone.  Anyway, here's my "today screen" and the programs that make it up.

Screenshot Soon...


Other Important Stuff

How to HARD Reset the PPC-6800 - While holding both softkeys (buttons with �-� on them), push in on the reset button once. Make sure you are still holding onto the softkeys. A confirmation screen should appear asking you if you want to reset all data. Press Y to reset, N to cancel.

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