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Over the years, I have become a cigar connoisseur, and along with that comes an appreciation for the finer things in life... good friends, great spirits, new technology.  It's the Cigar Lifestyle. 

My buddy, who we will call Cigar Dave (no, not that Cigar Dave - Though I do like him too) keeps my humidor's well stocked with a delicious variety of tobaccos from all around the world.  So much so that I had to make room for a newer, larger humidor.  Dave, you see, works for a major distributor or fine cigars.

In addition to the normal items which fill my humidor such as:

- Hoyo De Monteray
- Macanudo
- Helix
- CiFuente Partigas
- Diablo Picantes
- Cohiba XV
- Sancho Panza
- Punch

I have taken to tasting some of the other varieties out there including some flavored cigars:

- Drew Estate's Kahlua
- Acid Nasty
- Acid Kuba
- Acid Infusion Tea
- Acid Blondie
- Mayorga - Kenya AA Serengeti
- CAO Moondance
- CAO Gold Honey
- CAO Vanilla Bean
- CAO Brazillia


Proper Humidification

A humidor�s proper moisture and temperature must be created before storing cigars. To setup your humidor, follow these simple instructions:

1. Submerge the black plastic humidifiers in distilled water until well saturated. Dry off the surface of the humidifier and place on a towel for approximately one hour to make sure that no dripping occurs.

2. With a clean, soap-free sponge dampened with distilled water; thoroughly wet the entire interior of the humidor.

3. Leave the damp sponge in the humidor resting on a plastic bag. Make sure there is no direct contact between the sponge and the humidor.

4. Attach the humidifiers and the hygrometer to the inside of the lid. Also, place the humidifiers in the bottom holders of the humidor if applicable.

5. Close the empty humidor for at least twelve hours or overnight.

6. Open the humidor and remove the sponge and the plastic bag.

7. Close the humidor again for an additional twelve hours. Your humidor is now ready to store cigars. When placing cigars in the humidor, make sure the cigars do not block the humidifier�s vents.

Checking Your Hygrometer

To check if the hygrometer is reading correctly, use the salt method to test its calibration. You just need to:

1. Place some salt in a bottle cap or small cup and dampen it with a few drops of water (without dissolving it).

2. Carefully place the wet salt and the hygrometer inside a see-through container and close tightly. You can use a zip lock bag provided it seals well and you leave some air inside as well.

3. Let it sit for at least 6 hours and note the reading on the hygrometer without opening the container. It should be exactly 75%, the difference is how much your hygrometer is off.

4, If needed, adjust the needle to 75% by turning the screw on the back.

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