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Get Me Outta Here!
5.03.2004 - 9:51 AM | permalink

Do you ever wish you could press pause on time. I think about that a lot lately as deadlines and projects mount and it seems I never have any free time left anymore. Of couse, I got myself into the pickle that I am in... But the more pressing question is, how do I get out. The stress of running a major website on the internet and trying to make everyone happy along with the pressures of my normal job, the time I need to devote to my family and home, and the civic duties of my community all seem to be a bit too much right now. I feel like George Jetson in the credits to the show where he is walking Astro, who hops off the treadmill only to have it speed up and sling George time and time again around while yelling "Jane, help me stop this crazy thing... Jane!". Everytime I chip away at doing something, 3 more problems, crisis or projects pop up. It's a never ending loop.

Maybe this is all that life is. It just seems that when my dad and mom were raising us kids, there was a lot more free time for them. But maybe that was just my perception looking thru a kids eye. I will say, my experience as an adult has given me new appreciation to my dad stretching out on the couch, watching a Phillies game and eventially dozing off. I think I need to do that more.
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